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"Over the years I have developed at total fitness approach that works for people of all ages and all fitness stages."
Frankie Mecono


Personal Training at The Gym Los Olivos is a great option for any age, and someone who prefers a one-on-one coaching relationship as their primary form of training. People with busy schedules excel in Personal Training like athletes, executives and Stay-at-home moms . The Gym Los Olivos will personalize your program to fit your personal needs and goals.     

$125       10 packs available at $100 each



The Gym Los Olivos also offers semi-private training for those who like training with a partner or friend. Semi-private training is two to three people with one trainer. Bring your own group or we can create one for you. Semi-private training is more cost-effective than one-on-one training and is also a popular option that can have a competitive edge.       

$65 each for 2

$55 each for 3  



Classes at The Gym Los Olivos are extremely popular, challenging and fun. And with more than eight class time frames per week there is no reason to miss a workout. Most classes range from 4-8 people.

Monthly subscription 2x per week $250

Monthly subscription 3x per week $350

Drop in $35


*Recruit - Is for the student new to any type of strength and conditioning or new to exercise. During the workout students will cover the following:  Myofascial Release, Personal Correctives, Active Warm Up, Core, Functional Strength Training, Conditioning and Flexibility.                                                                                         

*Intermediate - Is for the Student who's body has been prepared for more vigorous exercise. Students also need to have a good understanding of body awareness, basic movement patterns and breathing mechanics as Intermediate moves along much faster.   Here you will earn a full understanding of kettlebells, bodyweight, interval training and body awareness necessary for our Advanced classes.


*Advanced - Students will have to prove and earn their spot in this class. Students should be able to perform one strict bodyweight pull-up and 8-10 perfect push-ups.  If a student enters this class unprepared they will slow the class and most likely develop an injury.                                                                                                                

Strength and Conditioning Class Schedule

Mondays, Wednesday with Kelly

Sunday with Kelly


Tuesday, Thursday with Frankie

6am - Strength & Conditioning Intermediate

7am - Strength & Conditioning Recruit

9am - Strength & Conditioning Advanced

10am - Strength & Conditioning Recruit

3pm -  Strength & Conditioning Intermediate


9am –  Call for availability


Important:  To participate in the Strength & Conditioning Classes you will need to have a movement evaluation prior to attending these classes to make an appointment call:

Frankie Mecono 805-895-9870


What does it look Like?

Your session begins with a myofascial release technique used to inhibit overactive muscles, removing adhesions and improving range of motion. This technique os performed with a foam roller you to improve soft tissue extensibility while relaxing the muscle and allowing activation of the antagonistic muscle.

Next, we will address any necessary corrective exercises, joint mobility, activation of stabilizers and movement patterns.

Now you’re ready to train the core or abdominal region. Depending on your fitness level, you may have 3-5 abdominal exercises or just one like the Turkish Get-Up.

Power development is defined as the amount of work performed per unit of time. Power is an element of skill-related fitness that is needed to excel in athletic performance and is necessary for athletes as well as adults of all ages, unless injury is present. Power can increase through gains in strength and implementation of power movements such as the kettlebell swing and medicine ball work.

All of this leads to the functional strength portion of your training; these are full body movements like the squat, lunge, hip hinge, push, pull and carry with one or two limbs, that teach you to move as a unit. But first, mastery of certain bodyweight movements is required. I will also incorporate the use of barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, pull-up bars, balls and bands to achieve your desired results with an emphasis on safety and technique first.

Interval Training is an excellent way to burn more calories at the end of your session, build endurance quickly and make workouts more interesting. Interval training involves alternating high intensity exercise with recovery periods.  There are a variety of ways to set up interval workouts. One option is measured periods of work followed by measured periods of rest. An example would be 1 minute of high intensity work such as a sprint, kettlebell swing or walking stadium steps followed by 2 minutes of low intensity exercise like mobility drills, jogging or walking and alternating that several times for 15-30 minutes.


Flexibility is the ability to move a joint smoothly through its complete range of motion. Flexibility is determined by the nature of the joint structure, the condition of the ligaments and fascia that surround the joint, and muscle extensibility. Flexibility may also be limited by the skin, connective tissue, and bones around the joint. Flexibility is one of the main components of physical fitness and is important for optimum health. However, an athlete who concentrates on flexibility exercises at the expense of strength training may reduce joint stability and increase the risk of dislocation





Frankie Mecono

Owner Operator 

Strong First Level II Instructor

Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist

Born and raised in Santa Barbara, Ca., Frankie pursued the dream of a professional athlete! While spending years training his body for the sport he loved, Frankie realized his true passion was not competing but preparing for the most physically demanding sport in the world; Professional Motocross!

In 2004 Frankie transitioned into the world of Personal Training and never looked back.

Today Frankie and his team are currently creating results with people of all ages and all fitness stages.

Aside from helping hundreds of clients reach their fitness related goals, Frankie enjoys spending time with his family; his wife and two boys.  


Jenny is a 200 hour certified yoga instructor. She began her yoga journey in late high school. Jenny completed her training in 2016 with Jeanne Heilaman’s Tantra Flow certification in 2016. Jenny studied kinesiology, nutrition and recreational therapy in her college days. Having firm belief of the physical and emotional need for the body to engage in healthy movement regularly. She teaches a strong alignment based class, while always accommodating for modification or a yogi with injury. Jenny has also worked as a certified Chiropractic assistant since 2011, and certified in Foundation Training as of 2013, thus, inspiring her even more to teach very specifically with proper body mechanics and attention to injuries.  Currently her and her husband Dr. Noah Swanson own and operate Solvang Chiropractic Center. If Jenny isn’t teaching, you’ll find her surfing, hiking and enjoying the outdoors. 

 Yoga is to be a joy, on or off your mat. A journey of the self, which will arrive one to better serve our world. 

Kelly Lockwood

ACE Certified Trainer
Sports Conditioning

I was raised in the Santa Ynez Valley and is an Alumni of Santa Ynez High School. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from California Lutheran University where I also played collegiate softball. I am certified through the American Council on Exercise. I try to help clients achieve a balanced lifestyle that encompasses all dimensions of health & wellness. With an extensive background in team sports, I try to create a training environment that not only motivates but also empowers individuals to continually challenge themselves in a fun and rewarding way.





Diana Borroel

I have been a valley resident for 20 years. Seven years ago at the age of 50 I graduated from the American Fitness and Nutrition Academy . Shortly after that I became certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a correctional trainer as  well as a senior fitness specialist. I am also a certified level 2 TRX instructor and went through an extensive program with Livestrong to work with anyone at any stage of cancer. Most recently , after a severe car accident and many injuries to my spine  I became certified in Foundation Training working with people with chronic back pain. 

This work is my life passion !

In my free time I love to travel and spend time with my family . 





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Phone 805 895 9870




“I first met Frankie when I was recovering from a ruptured bicep tendon. My close friend, Lindsay Parton recommended Frankie to me and I’ve been with him ever since. Frankie is great at tailoring a program to fit your goals, objectives and realistic time schedule. I travel all the time and require maximum flexibility but love the fact that I am able to stay on track with a program that works for me. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

– Dr. Gayle D. Beebe, President, Westmont College

Please accept this short letter as a ‘thank you’ for the service you provide me. We’ve been working together for over 3 years now and the results are obvious to us both. I have been working out continuously for over 50 years. I have worked with several trainers but none have been as thorough, as respectful and as custom tailored as you are. Obviously, at 69 years old I need a workout concentrating on strength to some degree but even more so on flexibility. You have the ability to assess carefully and introduce a routine always changing and focused on improving my deficits. I also especially like the fact that you completely focus on me during my workout. You acknowledge others but stay tuned in to me, spending full time on working and less on talking. You’re unique and a true pro. Regards,

– Roger Drue

“Frankie is motivating and encouraging — inside the gym as well outside. He offers suggestions and recommendations for you to incorporate in your day-to-day activities regarding not only exercise but also healthy eating.
Frankie’s very careful with regard to form and physical limits. Frankie is not distracted during my workout. He gives his full attention to every rep.

He pushes you but, importantly, he does not overdo it.

Over the past nine months, my efforts have resulted in significant pain free weight loss and two sizes! I am ready for my daughter’s wedding!”

– Mary Ellen McCammon

Frankie has been my trainer for over five years, during which time he’s re-shaped, toned, lengthened and strengthened just about every part of my body (even my brain feels livelier and stronger). He has turned me from an ok but somewhat out of shape 30-something into a fit, lean, machine of a 40-something. Encyclopedically knowledgeable about the human body and how it works, he sets out by devising workouts tailored to ambitious goals upon which the two of us have agreed. Frankie than constantly monitors my progress and adjusts my routine according to my body’s changes, my schedule, and the seasons. He also keeps it interesting by varying the workouts and introducing new challenges and benchmarks so that I’m constantly motivated and engaged. Meanwhile, Frankie has the whole picture in mind, from muscles to bone density to impact minimization, ensuring that the entire body is healthy and strong and that I have both endurance and flexibility.

I’ve worked with other trainers who seemed to have set routines, regardless of their clients’ needs or preferences. But Frankie pays close attention not only to the particularities of my body, but also to what I tell him about my concerns and interests: for instance, giving me the abs of my dreams while taking into account my aversion to sit-ups and crunches. On the rare occasions when he isn’t already very familiar with something, such as when I expressed an interest in kettlebells, Frankie exhaustively researched the subject. He designed a workout which emphasized whole-body real-world strength, but not before he made sure that my core was sufficiently stable to cope with the particular stresses associated with working with kettlebells.

Frankie challenges me every workout, in the best way, pushing me just beyond what I thought I could do, without ever making me feel like I was in danger of injury. Best of all, Frankie does all this without guilt, without a “jock” attitude, and I feel consistently encouraged but never judged. Frankie has mastered the strange alchemy of exercise motivation so that, five years after starting with him, I am just as committed and motivated as when I started.

Last, but not least, Frankie is a great person. He is genuinely nice and concerned about the well-being of his clients without ever being intrusive or overly familiar (you all know what I’m talking about). Frankie is accommodating, extremely personable, utterly professional, and the best trainer I could ever imagine. I write this recommendation enthusiastically, and hope I’ve been able to communicate just how good a trainer Frankie is and how big a difference he can make.

– CM

I’ve trained with Frankie for 5 years now. The last 3 years we’ve focused on workouts with kettlebells. Frankie is great to work with because he is always learning, always teaching and always introducing new routines to maximize the training without being repetitive. I feel stronger, and in better shape, than I was when I started with Frankie even though I’m now 65 years old!

– Rick Roney

I first met Frankie when he was a top ranked professional Motocross racer, I admired his skill, drive and personality. When he started to transition to training and coaching I was fortunate enough to have him for a motocross training coach one day and he impressed me with his ability to translate his knowledge into coaching that allowed me perform at a higher level. Fast forward 10+ years and I had moved on to long distance triathlon and was looking for someone to help me get to the next level (Ironman distance triathlon). I had been competing in shorter distance races and had reached a plateau and had been struggling with cramping.

Up until this point I had never really had a trainer, I was always self coached with the exception of high school/college track and cross-country. I was skeptical about getting a trainer figuring that it would take time out of my training, add little or nothing to my performance and cost too much. When someone told me that Frankie was doing personal training, I was still skeptical but I decided to give it a try.

What I found was a very professional approach that Frankie took with me. He took the time to understand my situation, my goals and physical history and challenges. He then designed a program that addressed my situation at the time. Another concern I had was that once a program was developed, then I would just show up and repeat the same program every day. This was definitely not the case, my program evolves and changes to meet my current and future needs. Frankie really thinks about what I need and comes prepared every day with a thought out plan, not just some random, “fill the space”, workout. I have early morning sessions before work and he is there ready to go every time which helps me stay focused and on task.

I like the fact that Frankie invests in himself by going to seminars, taking classes, and holding himself to a high standard. He has fresh ideas and is motivated to keep raising the bar on what he has to offer whether it be physical training or nutrition.

For me, the results have been remarkable. I have been working with Frankie for over 2 years and my performances have gotten better not only in terms of times but in terms of quality efforts despite the fact that I am getting older every day! What I appreciate most is that Frankie is professional but takes a personal interest in me and what I am trying to accomplish. He tracks my progress, cares about my racing, works me hard and also knows when to take a different approach depending on where I am physically or mentally.

I would recommend Frankie to anyone who is serious about finding a high quality trainer who will take the time to help them achieve their goals.

– Pete Feldman

47 years old and just trying to make it to the next level

Two years ago I was having a lot of discomfort in my right hip. It hurt when I tied my shoelaces, hurt when I walked, was uncomfortable sleeping…it just hurt. I got an x-ray of the hip and was diagnosed with a severely arthritic hip. I talked to a couple of orthopedic surgeon friends and was told when the pain worsened I would be knocking on their office door for a hip replacement. I then looked at examples of hip replacement surgery on the internet. It was apparent to me that I should try to pursue some alternative. That led to seeing a massage therapist who recommended I see Frankie Mecono for mobility and strengthening. Within eight months of working with Frankie and continued massage my hip problem was negligible. I have now been working with Frankie for two years and my posture, flexibility and strength have improved greatly and continue to improve. I would recommend Frankie’s services to anyone. His concern for his clients is readily apparent and he always gives you one hundred percent. He is constantly watching you and seems to intuit where to go with the client.

– Robert Goodell

After two bouts of breast cancer I decided to pick up my workout routine. I had always been a runner but decided I need a little bit more, a push to get to that next level.

I found Frankie through a friend. I started working with him once a week. Then twice, now I am up to three times a week. When I first started with Frankie I had multiple heath issues and limitations. I had almost no strength in my left arm. I was told by multiple physicians I could never lift heavy objects, do a push up or execute a plank type exercise!

I thought no way! If I build strength I can do anything. With careful instruction and patience by Frankie, I now can do all the things the doctors told me I couldn’t do and more. After I gained strength, I decided to start challenging myself even more! I thought why not start doing triathlons! A real push! Frankie helped me achieve this goal! to this date I have finished six triathlons, 2 half marathons and 2 half century bike rides!

Words can’t express my gratitude to Frankie for helping my body gain strength and vitality! I am whole again! stronger than ever. I can feel the heat from the inside out!

Thanks Frankie!

– Christine Feldman

I started working out with Frankie after my first bout with breast cancer. Before cancer I had completed multiple half and full marathons and had a serious love for riding my road bike, but all of the treatments had left me feeling brittle and weak. Frankie was able to design a personalized fitness plan for me to get me back in shape. Not long after I started feeling strong again I got hit with breast cancer bout number 2. Recovering from this one was a whole different ball game. I had had all of my lymph nodes removed, and as a result I had Lymphedema in my left arm. I came to Frankie, and just like he had done the first time, he redesigned a workout plan that allowed me to gain strength, but that worked around my physical ailments. Frankie’s ability to tailor a workout to each person’s individual needs or goals is what makes him invaluable as a trainer.

– Suzanna Larsen

I started training with Frankie 4 years ago after my knee told my body I couldn’t keep playing tennis. I was looking for a trainer who I knew would give me a complete workout while having the flexibility in the workouts to rehab my knee and enable me to build strength. Since I started training with Frankie, I have lost 12lbs, 10 inches, and my core strength has grown tremendously. For me, one of the best aspects of working out with Frankie is that he is always trying new exercises and workout regimes; it isn’t the same workout week after week and it is always fun to explore new exercise programs.

–Ronda Dunn